EANY Project

The EANY Project documents my exploration of the place my mother grew up, East Aurora, NY and my search for her birth mother. Piecing together fragments of information and sifting through half truths, whispers and secrets has been frustrating and often demoralizing.

The Our Lady of Victory Infant Home in Lackawanna, NY has recently undergone a makeover. The red brick building with the tall front steps and imposing columned entrance has been softened by the addition of landscaping and gardens.  It didn’t always look so welcoming.  On my first visit in 2011, I found it forbidding, dusty and neglected.

With only non-identifying information, I began my search here in 2011. Using photography, painting, cyanotypes and eventually diorama-style ‘scene boxes’, this project evokes the obfuscatory nature of this process.

She Is Watching, 2012
She Is Watching, 2012. altered cyanotype print and oil paint on wood panel
Arrival, 2011
Arrival, 2011. cyanotype print on wooden board
Promises Fulfilled, 2011
Promises Fulfilled, 2011. cyanotype print on wood panel
Our Lady of Victory, 2011. Cyanotype print mounted on wood panel
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